Sponsors and Sponsorship Benefits

B-BBEE Points.

By supporting the Wilderness Adventure Education trust you can secure the maximum Black Economic Empowerment scorecard points allocated to either or both the Socio Economic and Enterprise Development elements, dependant on your business classification. We will assist you with making the calculation to ensure that you do not spend any more than you need to.

Return on Investment. We believe that it is fair that you get something back for your contribution. Each agreement is evaluated on its own merits. Based on the contribution you can expect to be offered any of the following:

Marketing Exposure. We have a business network spanning multiple industries, with varying levels of turn-over. As a WAET contributor we will be promoting you to the network using print and electronic media. You will also have the option to be a branded sponsor at a WAET event. These range from Golf days and Adventure Races to Gala dinners.
Adventure Rewards. In collaboration with our Wilderness Leadership program we offer the Adventure Rewards option. Contributors will have the option to offer an Adventure Weekend at one of the WAET locations to staff or clients. Guests at an Adventure Weekend will be hosted by students on our Wilderness Leadership program.


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